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Mensa, an organization exclusively for people with brains dilute kecerdasasan or a high IQ score, has a new member. A 12-year-old girl known to have a level of intelligence above the average even in the world's two great scientist, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Olivia Manning, name of the student from Liverpool, England that had IQ scores (intelegent quotient) 162, far beyond the average normal human being, who is on a score of 100.

Intelligence score was just two points better than genius German physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking and Einstein, as well as placing it in the top one percent of the smartest people on earth.

Teacher and club adviser, Stacey Meighen jokingly said, "we gave him extra work, and now we will know why he did not get an A in all respects."
Also accepted into Mensa, a 12 year old student, Lauren Gannon who happen to live in the same housing with Olivia. IQ Score 151, placing it in groups of two per cent of the smartest people in the world.

With the status of honor at Mensa, it means he joins a network of people smart brained world. Olivia also made equal genius celebrity at his school, North Liverpool Academy at Everton.

"Many have approached me to ask for help about school or while doing homework. No problem, I like the challenge and made ​​my brain is always working," he said as published in the Daily Mail.

Olivia who lived in Norris Green estate claimed since long been aware of his talent to absorb and remember new information. He did not need a script at the stage, and memorizing dialogue Macbeth by William Shakespeare is less than 24 hours.

However, when he learned that his IQ score high, long-haired girl was shocked, did not expect.

Besides busy with homework, Olivia is also a member of Mensa club at her school who each completed lesson together to solve a problem.

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